Licensed Hazardous Waste Transportation

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Licensed Hazardous Waste Transportation

With the "Hazardous Waste Transport Vehicle Conformity Certificate by Road" issued by TSE and the "Hazardous Waste Transportation License" and K1 certificate in the Official Gazette numbered 25755 by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, our company has a license (SRC5 certificate) and with our experienced staff, waste oils from licensed facilities are transported to disposal facilities licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to be used as additional fuel in order to contribute to the national economy.

All wastes are stored, recycled and disposed of within the scope of regulations, considering the environment and human health.

Our company also carries out the transportation of solid wastes collected from the port area to the municipal landfill.

ÇAYTRANS is your reliable solution partner in waste transportation with its experience and wide transportation network.

We are proud of gaining the trust of our customers with our experience since 1970.

After the wastes to be taken from the enterprises are evaluated in accordance with their types and physical conditions, they are loaded into our vehicles with waste transportation license in the company of our professional teams.

Waste transportation is completed when our ADR and SRC5 certified drivers deliver the waste to licensed recycling facilities or licensed disposal companies with our licensed vehicles.

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